Ultrasonic Quiting Machine To Choose?

Ultrasonic Quiting machine, also known as padding machine or composite machine

It uses high-frequency oscillation to transmit sound waves to the welding surface of the workpiece to produce friction for composite embossing of multi-layer materials.

Ultrasonic Embossing Machine

Structure of Ultrasonic Quiting Machine

Machine Frame: This forms the structural foundation of the machine, designed to support all other components and ensure stability during operation.

Fabric Feeding System: It plays a pivotal role in the quilting process. This system can include various mechanisms like rollers or belts, designed to move layers of fabric smoothly and consistently through the machine. Its precision is crucial for maintaining fabric alignment and ensuring quality in the quilting pattern.

Ultrasonic Generator: This component is at the heart of the machine’s functionality. It generates high-frequency vibrations that are essential for the quilting process. These vibrations, when applied to the fabric, generate heat through friction.

Ultrasonic Quilt

Horn or Sonotrode: Acting as a conduit for ultrasonic vibrations, the horn or sonotrode directly contacts the fabric. Its primary function is to transfer the ultrasonic vibrations evenly across the fabric. This ensures uniform heat distribution, facilitating the melting and bonding of synthetic fibers in the fabric.

Ultrasonic Quilt Machine
Ultrasonic Horn

Fabric Tensioning System: This system is key to maintaining the correct tension in the fabric as it moves through the machine. Proper tension is vital for creating uniform quilts and preventing fabric distortion.

Control System: Modern ultrasonic quilting machines often feature sophisticated control systems. These systems allow for precise adjustments of parameters like speed, vibration intensity, and temperature, enabling the production of quilts with varying designs and material types.

Cooling System: Given the heat generated during the quilting process, a cooling system is often integrated to prevent overheating of both the machine and the fabric.

Safety Features: Safety mechanisms are in place to protect operators from the high-frequency vibrations and heat generated during operation.

Working Principle:
– The ultrasonic generator generates high-frequency electrical signals which are converted into mechanical vibrations of ultrasonic waves by the transducer.
– The ultrasonic waves are conducted through the horn to the contact surface of the materials, causing local high-speed vibrations, friction and melting of the materials.
– The heat and pressure between the materials achieve needleless welding.

This machine is suitable for wireless sewing of various materials, including but not limited to home textiles, suit linings, knitwear, chair covers, sofa covers, washing machine covers, car seat cushions, artificial leather, car air filters, fabric to fabric, fabric to fiber cotton, plastic films, fabric to foam rubber, non-woven fabric, reflective lattice sheets, etc.

Main Features:
– High production efficiency, no preheating required before operation, just turn on the machine for ultrasonic sewing
– Adopting advanced ultrasonic system from Taiwan with high power and stable operation
– Good effect for continuous operation, clear and durable embossing
– Automated operation with high efficiency without manual needle change
– Changeable embossing wheels to achieve diverse patterns to meet different requirements

Ultrasonic Quilting Machine

The Ultrasonic Quilting Machine has features like:
1. Auto-frequency tracking ultrasonic system imported from Taiwan with powerful and stable output.
2. Capable of continuous long-time operation with good sewing effect, clear patterns and smooth lines.
3. Customizable width, strong bonding strength, clear embossing, three-dimensional and beautiful patterns which are easy to change to meet different welding needs.
4. Short welding time, automatic ultrasonic sewing without needles and threads, 5-10 times faster than traditional sewing.
5. No broken needle residue in the material, eliminating potential safety hazards.
6. No disconnected joints like traditional thread sewing, with strong bonding strength, clear embossing and three-dimensional relief effect for high-end aesthetic appearance.
7. The finished products have no needle holes, better waterproofing and warmth preservation effects.
8. Easy to create diverse continuous or asymmetric patterns by changing embossing rollers, and customize various patterns on demand.

What Product Could Ultrasonic Quilt Make?

Main Applications:
Ultrasonic Quilting Machine are widely used for embossing and welding of home textiles and car interior materials like bedding, leather, cushions, luggage, shoe materials, etc. Greatly improves production efficiency and reduces costs.

Ultrasonic Quilting

1. Home textile industry: Used for wireless stitching of bed sheets, duvet covers, pillowcases, and other home textile products.

2. Clothing industry: Used for wireless stitching of clothing linings, to enhance warmth and comfort.

3. Automotive interior: Used for wireless stitching of car seat covers, car canopies, etc., to enhance the texture and durability of the interior.

4. Footwear manufacturing: Used for wireless stitching of shoe materials, to strengthen the support and comfort of shoes.

5. Packaging industry: Used for wireless stitching of luggage, handbags, etc., to increase the firmness and aesthetics of packaging.

6. Home furnishings: Used for wireless stitching of curtains, shower curtains, cushions, etc., to increase the beauty and practicality of home furnishings.

7. Electronics industry: Used for wireless stitching of protective covers for electronic products, to enhance the appearance and protection of products.

8. Medical industry: Used for wireless stitching of medical supplies, such as surgical gowns, masks, etc., to improve the sealing and comfort of products.

9. Packaging industry: Used for wireless stitching of packaging bags, plastic films, etc., to increase the sealing and aesthetics of packaging.

10. Industrial manufacturing: Used for wireless stitching of various materials, such as synthetic leather, non-woven fabrics, plastic films, etc., to achieve composite fusion.

The application scope of Ultrasonic Quilting Machine is very wide, fulfilling the needs of different industries, and they are efficient, fast, and environmentally friendly.

Ultrasonic Quilting Sample

In summary, the ultrasonic embossing machine integrates advanced ultrasonic technology to achieve efficient, automated embossing and welding of materials, and is an ideal equipment for modern light industry production.

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