Ultrasonic Lace Trimming Machine​

ultrasonic lace trimming machine

Ultrasonic Lace Trimming Machine​

The Ultrasonic Lace Trimming Machine is a specialized device used for fabric edge trimming and lace processing. It uses ultrasonic technology to convert high-frequency vibrations into heat energy, achieving fast, precise, and threadless edge trimming effects.


ultrasonic lace trimming machine 2

This machine has several advantages. Firstly, the ultrasonic lace trimming machine can trim edges without damaging the fabric. It uses the heat energy generated by ultrasonic vibrations to fuse the fabric fibers together, creating flat and sturdy edges. The trimming effect is superior to traditional sewing methods and can prevent fabric unraveling and breaking.

Secondly, the ultrasonic lace trimming machine is highly efficient. It can complete trimming tasks in a short time, improving production efficiency and saving labor and time costs. It is also suitable for various fabric materials, including cotton, nylon, polyester, and blended fabrics.

Additionally, the ultrasonic lace trimming machine is easy to operate and adjust. It is usually equipped with a digital control panel to adjust ultrasonic frequency, speed, and pressure to meet the edge trimming requirements of different fabrics. It can also be used for various lace patterns, increasing fabric decoration.

Ultrasonic Lace Trimming Machine​
60-80 PCS / Min
40 KG
L 700*W 600*H 900mm
Ultrasonic Lace Trimming Machine​

Sample Display

Ultrasonic Compound Machine SampleUltrasonic Compound Machine Sample

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How Do I Operate The Ultrasonic Lace Trimming Machine?

Operating the Ultrasonic Lace Trimming Machine is very simple. First, place the fabric to be trimmed on the machine and adjust the ultrasonic frequency and speed according to your needs. Then, move the fabric to the trimming area, and the ultrasonic vibrations will fuse the edges of the fabric together, completing the trimming process.

Q2: What Fabrics Are Suitable For The Ultrasonic Lace Trimming Machine?

The Ultrasonic Lace Trimming Machine Is Suitable For Various Fabrics, Including Cotton, Nylon, Polyester, And Blended Fabrics. It Can Be Used For Both Thick And Thin Fabrics, Making It Versatile For Different Materials.

Q3: Does The Ultrasonic Lace Trimming Machine Require The Use Of Thread?

No, the Ultrasonic Lace Trimming Machine does not require the use of thread for trimming. The ultrasonic technology directly fuses the fabric edges together, eliminating the need for thread. This simplifies the process and reduces costs and time.

ultrasonic lace trimming machine

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