Non Woven Compound Machine

Non Woven Compound Machine

Ultrasonic Compound Machine is an advanced industrial equipment used to laminate and bond different materials(Non-Woven,Fabric) together to form composite materials.

It uses ultrasonic technology to generate heat energy and force between the materials through high-frequency vibration, securely bonding them.

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Non Woven Compound Machine

1. Ultrasonic vibration system: The ultrasonic bonding machine uses an ultrasonic vibration system to generate high-frequency vibrations. This system consists of an ultrasonic generator, a vibrational body, and a transducer. The ultrasonic generator produces high-frequency electrical signals, which are then converted into mechanical vibration energy by the transducer. The vibrational body receives the vibration energy and transfers it to the material to be bonded.

2. Material contact and heating: The ultrasonic vibrating tool (also known as the vibrating head) contacts the surface of the material to be bonded, transferring the vibration energy to the material. The high-frequency mechanical vibrations cause friction and vibration between the molecules of the material, generating heat. The localized heating of the material softens and partially melts it.

3. Adhesion effect: Under the action of high-frequency vibration and pressure, the composite material exhibits strong intermolecular attraction between its components, resulting in a strong bond. The adhesion effect of the composite material may vary depending on the material properties, vibration parameters, and processing conditions.

The ultrasonic bonding machine utilizes the vibration and thermal effects of ultrasonic waves to achieve material bonding and has advantages such as precision, efficiency, and pollution-free operation. It is widely used in industries such as packaging, textiles, automotive, and electronics, providing a fast and reliable bonding technology for production processes.

Ultrasonic Composite Embossing Machine
9 KW
0-30 meter / min
4850*2500*1900 mm
This machine can carry out high-frequency ultrasonic embossing and embossing on rayon, non-woven fabrics, chemical fiber fabrics, silk, leather, leather and other open-width flexible materials Compound, suitable for knitting, printing, clothing lining, fabrics

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Ultrasonic Compound Machine SampleUltrasonic Compound Machine Sample

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What Are The Applications Of Non Woven Compound Machine?

Non woven compound machines are commonly used in industries such as automotive, filtration, healthcare, and construction. The non woven fabrics produced can be used for making wipes, medical gowns, filters, automotive interiors, and many other products.

Q2: What Are The Advantages Of Using Non Woven Compound Machine?

Using a non woven compound machine allows for the production of fabrics with different properties such as strength, abrasion resistance, and breathability. It also enables manufacturers to produce fabrics with varying thicknesses and layer combinations.

Q3: Can Non Woven Compound Machines Produce Different Patterns Or Designs On The Fabric?

Yes, some non woven compound machines are equipped with additional features such as pattern rollers or printing units that can apply patterns or designs onto the fabric during the manufacturing process.

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