Fabric Quilting Slit and Rewinding Machine

quilting slitting and winding machine

Fabric Quilting Slit and Rewinding Machine

medical fabric slitting and rewinding machine is a device used in the medical field, primarily for the cutting and rewinding process of medical fabrics.

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Quilting slitting and winding machine

Medical fabric quilting slitting and rewinding machine is a device used for cutting and winding textile fabrics, non-woven fabrics, etc. Its working principle is as follows:

1. Fabric winding: Firstly, place the fabric to be processed on the winding shaft of the equipment and fix it with fixtures or tension control devices.

2. Fabric feeding: After starting the equipment, the fabric is slowly released from the winding shaft through the transmission device, and enters the cutting area. When the sewing machine head starts to move, the needle will pass through the non-woven fabric and sew with thread. The operator can control the speed and sewing mode of the sewing machine to achieve different sewing effects. After the sewing is completed, the non-woven fabric will continue to undergo the steps of cutting and winding on the straight seam cutting and winding machine for further processing and utilization.

3. Cutting: In the cutting area, there are multiple pneumatic cutting knives for cutting the fabric. The number of cutting knives and the width of the fabric can be adjusted according to needs.

4. Winding: The cut fabric fragments enter the winding area from the cutting area. In the winding area, the equipment is equipped with one or more winding shafts, and the fabric fragments are wound on the winding shaft. Tension control devices are usually used to ensure tight winding of the fabric and ensure the uniformity and stability of winding.

5. Cutting length control: The equipment usually has a cutting length control system, which can set and control the length of the cut fabric according to needs. 6. Discharging and reprocessing: After cutting and winding, the wound fabric fragments can be taken off the equipment for further processing or reprocessing, such as packaging, labeling, stacking, etc.

Mattress Edge Embossing Machine
3 KW
0-30 meter / min
2500*800*1500 mm
Mattress Edge Embossing Machine
Quilting slitting and winding machine
Quilting slitting and winding machine

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Fabric Quilting Slit and Rewinding Machine

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What Are the Main Functions of this Machine?

The main functions include sewing the fabric edges, slitting, edge trimming, alignment correction, and rewinding, to meet medical purposes and requirements.

Q2: Why use a Medical Fabric Edge Sewing Slitting and Rewinding Machine?
The equipment uses ultrasonic welding technology, which ensures a stable and reliable welding effect, and ensures the sealing performance of the filter bags.
Q3: What Safety Features Does this Machine Have?

Typically, the equipment should have safety sensors, emergency stop buttons, and protective covers to ensure safety during operation.


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