How to Make Vacuum Cleaner Filter With Ultrasonic Machine?

Ultrasonic vacuum cleaner filter cotton cutting machine is a device specifically used for manufacturing ultrasonic vacuum cleaner filter cotton. The following is the working process of this machine:

1. Filter cotton feeding system: Using servo electric shock feeding, 3-5 layers of material can be combined through ultrasonic bonding.

The servo electric shock feeding device in this system has precise electric control, which can accurately control the feeding speed and length of the filter cotton. This feeding method ensures the stability of filter cotton supply and avoids material accumulation or detachment issues. At the same time, through ultrasonic bonding technology, multiple layers of filter cotton are overlapped to form a sturdy and efficient filtering structure.

2. Filter cotton positioning system: The filter cotton positioning system uses advanced sensor technology or visual recognition system to accurately detect and position the location and direction of the filter cotton. This ensures the accuracy and consistency of the filter cotton during cutting and welding processes. It ensures that the size and shape of each filter cotton meet the requirements, improving product consistency and quality.

3. Cutting system: In the cutting system, the machine uses a cutting tool to cut the filter cotton. Different machines may adopt different cutting methods, such as rotating knives, swinging knives, moving knives, etc. During cutting, the machine precisely cuts the filter cotton according to the pre-set size and shape requirements.

4. Ultrasonic welding system: The ultrasonic welding system uses an ultrasonic oscillator to weld the edges of the filter cotton, achieving a firm bond of the edges. Typically, the machine places the welding head on the edge of the filter cotton, and the heat and physical pressure generated by ultrasonic vibration bond them together.

5. Detection and quality control system: The machine is equipped with detection mechanisms, such as visual inspection devices or precision control devices, to inspect the quality of the filter cotton and ensure it meets the requirements. These detection mechanisms can detect the size, shape, and the firmness of the edge welding of the filter cotton.

6. Other additional functions: Some ultrasonic vacuum cleaner filter cotton cutting machines may also provide other additional functions, such as automatic feeding and cutting functions, computer-controlled operation and settings, options for customizing filter cotton size and shape, etc. These functions make the machine more intelligent, convenient, and able to meet the needs of different customers.

Through the improvement of the above working process, the ultrasonic vacuum cleaner filter cotton cutting machine can achieve a fast, accurate, and efficient filter cotton manufacturing process.

At the same time, the precise control and high-quality ultrasonic technology of this machine can improve the quality, stability, and lifespan of the products, meeting the users’ demand for high-performance filters.

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