Hotel & Daily Consumables Machine

Hotel Disposable Hotel Shoe Making Machine
Manufacturing Disposable Shoes That Are Commonly
Manufacturing Sanitary Pads Or Menstrual Pads For Women
Disposable Bath Towels. These Towels Are Commonly Used In Hotels, Spas, Gyms, Hospitals
Produces Disposable Shoe Covers For Hotels, Temples, Etc
High Efficiency And Stable Quality, Suitable For Large-Scale Glove Production.

Frequently Asked Questions

When choosing sanitary pad manufacturing equipment, feminine hygiene companies should mainly consider:

1) Flexibility in switching between different products

2) Matching production capacity demands

3) Proficiency of operators

4) Maintenance costs thereafter

5) Suppliers’ technical strength and after-sales service

When purchasing disposable slipper production lines, hotels mainly consider:

1) High degree of automation to reduce labor costs;

2) High production efficiency to meet demand during peak seasons;

3) Customizability for different colors and patterns;

4) Hygiene and environmental standards;

5) Product comfort and safety.


 For their fabrics to be suitable for disposable towels, non-woven manufacturers should focus on:

1) Absorbency;

2) Softness and skin-friendliness;

3) Meeting relevant hygiene and eco standards;

4) Production capacity and cost control;

5) Processability and mechanical strength of the fabrics.

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