Filter Material Lamination Machine​

Ultrasonic Filter Materl Process Machine

Filter Material Quilting Machine

Filter Material Quilting Machine is an advanced industrial equipment used to laminate and bond different materials(Non-Woven,Fabric) together to form composite materials.

It uses ultrasonic technology to generate heat energy and force between the materials through high-frequency vibration, securely bonding them.

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Non Woven Compound Machine

HB Ultrasonic Quilting machine is composed of a transducer, a welding head, and a pressure device.The materials to be bonded are placed in the bonding area. The transducer generates high-frequency vibrations, which are transmitted to the materials through the welding head. 

The vibrations create frictional heat on the contact surface, softening the material surfaces and bonding them together. 

The pressure device ensures that the materials are well pressed together and maintains a certain pressure to ensure the bonding effect. The ultrasonic bonding machine is fast, efficient, pollution-free, and energy-saving. It is widely used in industries such as textiles, medical, packaging, and automotive. It is an advanced technology and equipment that uses ultrasonic vibration and thermal energy to achieve fast bonding and lamination of materials, providing efficient and reliable bonding solutions.

Ultrasonic Composite Embossing Machine
9 KW
0-30 meter / min
4850*2500*1900 mm
This machine can carry out high-frequency ultrasonic embossing and embossing on rayon, non-woven fabrics, chemical fiber fabrics, silk, leather, leather and other open-width flexible materials Compound, suitable for knitting, printing, clothing lining, fabrics

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1:What Are The Advantages Of Using A Filter Material Lamination Machine?

The advantages of using a filter material lamination machine include improved filter efficiency, enhanced durability and strength, better particle retention, and increased overall filter performance. It also allows for customization options and precise control over the lamination process.

Q2: How Does A Filter Material Lamination Machine Work?

A filter material lamination machine typically works by feeding layers of filter materials onto a conveyor belt or roller system. The machine applies heat, pressure, or adhesive to bond the layers together, creating a cohesive filter media. Additional processes like cutting and shaping may also be integrated into the machine.

Q3: What Types Of Filter Materials Can Be Laminated Using A Filter Material Lamination Machine?

Filter material lamination machine can laminate a variety of filter media materials, such as non-woven fabrics, fiberglass, activated carbon, mesh, foam, and synthetic fibers. The machine can accommodate different combinations of these materials to meet specific filtration requirements.

Ultrasonic Filter Materl Process Machine

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