Electric Blanket Making Machine ​

Electric Blanket MakingMachine

Electric Blanket Making Machine

Electric Blanket Making Equipment Realizes Integrated Automation From Automatic Feeding To Heating Wire Winding And Welding.​

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The electric blanket making machine is a specialized machine used to manufacture electric blankets. It is designed for automating processes such as stitching, production, and assembly of electric blankets. The electric blanket making machine consists of multiple workstations, with each workstation responsible for different steps.

The typical manufacturing process includes feeding the fabric into the machine, stitching or embroidering the heating wires or elements onto the fabric, installing the control unit or temperature controller, and finally folding and packaging the finished product. The electric blanket making machine can be customized to produce blankets of different sizes, styles, and materials. The machine can be adjusted according to different sizes and specifications.

The production capacity of the electric blanket making machine varies depending on machine speed, design complexity, and blanket size. It is designed for high-speed production and can produce hundreds to thousands of blankets per day.

Electric Blanket Making Machine
12 KW
1-30 meters / Min
350 KG
Heating Pad Making Machine

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Electric Blanket MakingMachine

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What Is The Process Flow Of Electric Blanket Making Equipment?

The typical process flow includes feeding, winding, cutting, welding and other procedures.

Q2: How Much Electricity Does The Electric Blanket Making Equipment Consume?

Depending On The Specific Configuration, It Generally Consumes Between 15-50 Kilowatts. 

Q3: How Safe Is The Electric Blanket Making Equipment?

The equipment is equipped with safety protection devices to ensure the safety of the operators.

Electric Blanket MakingMachine

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