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About UB Ultrasonic : Your Expert Ultrasonic Machine Supplier

Full Automatic, It Includes Safety Measures Such As Overload Protection And Emergency Stop Buttons To Ensure Safe And Stable Operation.
Adopting Advanced Servo Motors And Closed Loop Control System, The Cutting Accuracy Can Reach ±0.1mm.
The Tension Control System Can Control The Tension Of The Material On The Production Line To Ensure Smooth Operation And Consistency. 


We are known for the best in town remodeling services that go hassle free with our trained professionals at work.

Built-In Inspection System
Real-Time Monitoring Of Blade Status And Cutting Quality To Ensure Process Stability.


Long Service Life
Adopting High-Quality Blades And Blade Holders Extends The Service Life.

About HB Ultrasonic : Your Expert Ultrasonic Machine Supplier

If you are looking for reliable Ultrasonic Machine Manufacturer,HB Ultrasonic is your premier Choice.HB Ultrasonic  are the professional ultrasonic making machine supplier in china, has the 20+ years of manufacturing experience, We can customized different types of Ultrasonic machine according To your need.

Such As: Electric Blanket Making Machine Ultrasonic Quilting Machine,  Slitting&Cutting Machine, Vacuum Filter Making Machine and other customized machines. All the ultrasonic making machine got the CE certification. And HB ultrasonic as an Iso 9001 certified factory. 

All Our Customized Ultrasonic Machine has exported 100+ counties in the world. Get your best ultrasonic making machine price today.

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Our company has been using HB ultrasonic equipment for a year. The ultrasonic generator of this equipment is very stable.
Martin Foster
HB ultrasonic equipment has helped improve our production efficiency. Our operators also feedback that the equipment is easy to use.
Bryan Cirius
HB's service is very thoughtful. They provide great support whenever we have any technical issues.
Jane Dowser

Frequently Asked Questions

Q & A

Ultrasound refers to sound waves with frequencies higher than the upper limit of human hearing (20,000Hz). Its frequency typically ranges from 20kHz to 100MHz.

Ultrasound is generated through mechanical vibrations. In ultrasonic devices, an electrical sound transmitter generates high-frequency electrical signals, which are then converted into mechanical vibrations by an oscillation device, resulting in the generation of ultrasound.

Ultrasound can serve multiple purposes in the nonwoven fabric production process, including cutting, stitching, and embossing. It can quickly and efficiently cut the fabric, resulting in clean and smooth edges, thus improving the quality of the product. Additionally, ultrasound can be used for stitching, replacing traditional sewing thread, to enhance stitching strength and efficiency. Furthermore, ultrasound can be utilized for embossing, making the fibers more compact and increasing the stability and flexibility of the product.

Challenges in using ultrasound in the nonwoven fabric industry include the high cost of equipment, limitations in applicability to different fabric types, the need for skilled technicians, and equipment stability and durability. Careful consideration of these factors is necessary before adopting ultrasound technology

Ultrasound also has applications in the nonwoven fabric industry for tasks such as printing, lamination, compressing, shaping, and surface treatment. These applications can enhance the value, diversity, and quality of nonwoven fabric products, improving production efficiency.

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